Wednesday, 31 August 2016

UKS Summer Snap Challenge

Hello :)
During July and August this year UK Scrappers are holding a Summer Snap Challenge.
The challenge details are HERE.
 This is an ongoing challenge until the end of August so this post will stay at the top of my blog and I will update as I go along. For newer posts please scroll down.

My Photos :)

1 vapour trails or clouds
The Red Arrows over Weston bay

2 a horse drawn vehicle
 Horse drawn carriages on Weston Beach 

3 flowers in bloom
This flower was a reduced gift from Asda - 62p! I just threw the bulb in to a pot and crossed my fingers lol!

4 a summer job in the garden
DH mowing our lawn

5 something typifying your holiday destination, 
or your home town if you are planning a staycation
We had a staycation this year in lovely Weston-super-mare

6 hats
The newest member of the family, Marley. He's a good sport!

7 ice cream
Found these cute Ice Cream paper clips in The Works. Had to have the cupcakes and hearts too!

8 kites or balloons
Balloons from my sisters 40th birthday

9 bubbles
Bubbles in our little waterfall.

10 ducks, swans or seabirds
One thing we have plenty of here in Weston is Seagulls!

11 summer sunrise or sunset
Sunset looking out towards Steep Holm island

12 eating al fresco
A snack picnic in Worlebury woods, Weston. Mum and Sister watch the dogs and the picnic while the boys explore.

13 somewhere you would only visit when the sun shines
This is Sandbay beach, just around the corner from Weston beach, we don't only visit here when the sun shines we have been here in February and at night star gazing.

14 flags or bunting

A short walk from home is Uphill hill. On top of the hill is a beautiful old church. The flag can be seen across Weston.

15 summer shoes

 This year I bought 2 pairs of canvas shoes for the summer

16 fruit growing, in the garden, on a tree, or in the hedgerow
Walking my mums dog I found some early blackberries.

17 water
So glad I have zoom!! DS1 'helping' to fill the pool at Nanas for a garden party.

18 umbrellas
Our back garden is south facing and gets very hot so I am very grateful for the bit of shade this umbrella gives

19 glasses
 A bit of fun with DS2 new TY Owl and my reading glasses. I love owls!

20 fete, fair or festival

Mum and I went to two festivals one Sunday afternoon. At the Weston Sand Sculpture Festival Mum met Bowie! At the Dairy Festival we met a lovely cow who was more than happy to show us her best side.

And your A-E Substitutes list
A Play
B Anything in your favourite colour
C Something that made you smile
D Friends
E Just girls or Just boys

And don’t forget the photo of you.

Photo of mum and I having a coffee in the park.

Bonus points for layouts!
Layout using 6 of the photos from the list
Layout using one large photo from the list

Layout using photo of yourself

Fingers crossed I will complete this challenge :)
EDIT : YAY!!!! All 20 photos no subs!!!
And Three layouts completed!!!
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Thanks for stopping by
Michele x


  1. You have some fab photos! Good luck on finishing and thanks so much for joining our challenge.
    Sue x

  2. What a fab collection of summer snaps, I wonder if we'll see them scrapped soon?

    1. Thank-you Maggie :) Fingers crossed I'll scrap some soon :)

  3. Brilliant! I love the umbrella and the sand sculpture especially. Lucky you seeing the Red Arrows too

  4. That has to be the best 'vapour trails' of the challenge and just look at delicious Marley in his hat! Well done on finishing our challenge, Michele.
    Sue x


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