Wednesday, 29 August 2018

UK Scrappers Summer Snap Challenge 2018

Hello :)
It's been a while but I'm back today with my photos for the

1. New Avatar

2. Drain Cover
This drain is part of Wookey Hole paper mill

3. Spire or Steeple
Staying with our day trip to Wookey Hole this is a photo of the  witches hat spire on the hotel.

4. Windmill - substituted for A - Red, White and Blue
Can't beat the Red Arrows for a fabulous display of red, white and blue

5. Soft Top
Back at Wookey Hole - a very early soft top car! It's more like a soft sun roof lol!

6. A Crescent
I went with a crescent shape... ish!

7. Whiskers
Poor Suki didn't really get the humor of camera stickers lol!

8. In a jar
Probably my favourite photo - taken in Wookey Hole caves these jars contain all sorts!

9. Tessellations
Whilst having a coffee at Wookey Hole my sister spotted the tessellating tables!

10. Bags
Bags packed ready for our day trip

11. Naughty but Nice
Wookey Hole has a penny arcade, I found this old Palm reading machine.
Maybe if it was working I would have been Naughty but Nice lol!

12. A Rose
Well maybe a "Rosie" the name of one of the carousel horses at the Wookey Hole Penny arcade

13. In the air
Weston Air days is a great opportunity to get photos.

14. Entrance
The entrance to the fabulous caves at Wookey Hole

15. Match
Back in the Penny arcade! Match 3 to win penny machine

16. Stamp
A bit of Geocaching with the family. Our name is LeppardLot and I use a paw stamp to sign the logs.

17. Cornet - substituted for B numbers
DS1's fabulous GCSE results lots of numbers!

18. Four Candles
Well not 4 candles but a number 4 candle!

19. The letter 'O'
Lots of 'O's on the Wookey Hole sign!

20. Crooked
You can't visit Wookey Hole without seeing the Wookey Witch! 

That is all 20 photos on the list. 
It was a fab challenge it was fun looking for the photos and all the family joined in!
Thanks for stopping by
Have Fun!
Michele x

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