Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year!!

Wishing you all a healthy and successful New Year
(normal blogging will resume soon!!!)
Michele xx

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Oh my goodness me!!! I have been a bad blogger! So sorry to have been AWOL but things just got crazy here for the last couple of weeks. I thought I had it all under control then all of a sudden school's ending the cards aren't finished the magic reindeer dust is still porridge oats!! and there are a gazzillion things to do before the big day! I say it every year, and I am gonna say it much work for 1 day!! The mad race to buy gifts, wrap them , hide them ( I am sleeping balanced on the big ones!!!) the cards, the know! LOL Then the day comes (drum rolls...) the kids open the gifts in 30 seconds (it took a days to wrap them!) and it's all over!! (I know there's the food and if your lucky alcohol!) Not really feeling Christmasy yet, too tired!!!
I get the Christmasy feeling when I get home from the cemetery on Christmas Eve, by 7am Christmas morning it has gone!! This year I have bought them a surprise gift (credit card is in the hospital!!!LOL) which (fingers and toes crossed making typing difficult!!) should keep the fun going at least till bedtime!! Well, I can't wait to play anyway!!!!LOL
This was going to be a quick post, but as usual the fingers have run amok on the keyboard and I am waffling!!! LOL!!!
I haven't had chance to edit all the final cards and bits I have made for Christmas so I will post them next week .I promised not to touch the computer or crafting bits till next Monday!!! I can feel the withdrawal symptoms already!!!LOL But I had to share this photo......
My DH bought my gift a couple of weeks ago and it has been sat calling to me since it arrived over a week ago! So unfair!!! I really could have done with it! Here it is....

...yep sitting on my table there has been a cuttlebug and pack of nesties!!! I am sure there should be a anti-cruelty to crafters society out there somewhere...I will have to google that one...LOL!
Well, all there is left to say now is a promise to visit everyone when I can and wish you all....

have a wonderful Christmas!!

Michele xx

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

friday sketchers,sketch saturday,c4e!!!

How late am I? This was supposed to be posted on monday, it is now nearly Thursday!! The site was all set to go live on Tuesday...but...more hic-ups an email from the wrong address, a test not completed and I still haven't got everything loaded onto the site. In my defense If I hadn't had these other problems to deal with I would have been ready! Fingers crossed there is an email waiting for me in the morning to say the test has been done and we can go...yippee!!
I haven't made a single thing since Sunday!!! I have so many projects I want to get done for Christmas, as!! I have forgotten what my bed looks like! I am sure it's up those stairs!! No1 son, Mikael, is poorly again! he had a throat infection last week, went back to school Thursday, came home Thursday with a grazed and swollen nose and knee!! Then sent home Friday lunchtime feeling sick! He was fine by teatime! Then last night his throat was sore and swollen again, having finished the last dose of antibiotics the night before! Poor love he can't get any peace with Alix about either!!
Ok, enough of my woes!! onto the challenge cards....
Friday Sketch....this weeks sketch is from Carole.There are some lovely DT cards to see too, HERE
and here is my has my first bit of machine sewing on!
Next....Sketch Saturday. Sketch #27. Another fab sketch to be found HERE with some gorgeous DT cards too!

cute little mouse......

And finally my challenge at C4E is sketch #12 which you can find HERE

Did you notice the cute little mice? I downloaded a gorgeous kit called "Christmustime" from Cinnamon scraps, the blog can be found HERE
I have printed them onto Photograph paper, they look much clearer IRL!! like many people I am finding it had to get good photos, the sun only shines on days when I have nothing to!!
I am off to do some more to the website!
Thank-you for looking
Michele xx


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