Saturday, 3 January 2009

Christmas catch-up

Phew!!! back again at last. It has been a busy few weeks I say it every year but I really must start!! Problem is that Mikael's birthday is the end of October and Clive's beginning November, and Mikael's parties take a lot of work!! I was thinking about doing a few of the Christmas projects I didn't get time to do now and stash them till next Christmas! Probably won't happen I still have projects from last year to finish, my Cornwall 08 brag book and Mikael's birthday album are still waiting to be finished! I think I'll add a list to the sidebar and spend a couple of weeks finishing off projects before starting new ones! Better get a shift on Alix's birthday is in a few!!! always something to!!
So what have I been up to? well term ended (quicker than I!!) and we had the Teacher cards and presents. I made about 15 of these little chocolate boxes, my mum asked for some too! The box project came from Split coast stampers the 2-5-7-10 box tutorial I altered the measurements slightly to fit onto an A4 sheet of card (using stash only!!) I think these boxes are ideal for all year gifts, I might make a few to stash for emergency birthdays!
Anyway 2 teachers got these and a couple of friends too.

Somehow I have either lost or forgot to photograph some of the cards I made for Christmas! whoops!! Mikael's class teacher got a matching brown set (can't find the photo!)

I made 3 calendars for my aunts and uncles mad rush to get those done and mum wants one too! I had planned to do some coaster albums but just ran out of time. You can see the calendars in the slide show on the sidebar.

For the Mikael's friends I made paperclip bookmark cards and magic reindeer dust, no piccie of the card but the magic dust is in the slide show! For My friends children I made father Christmas kits which contained magic dust, a carrot, a cookie and a thank-you note. (piccie in slide show) and there were dozens more cards, I ended up making batches of matching cards using the same layout and materials with different images, lots of cute mice!

I will be putting the family photos of Christmas on my other blog HERE if you would like to see them (this post is getting way too long to add them!!!)

I am off to do the rounds I haven't commented on blogs for soooooo long I have been reading though.

I had better start looking at the challenges again too! My Challenge will be posted tomorrow please take a look and join in if you have time, ohhh and my website is now up and running the shop is stocked with yummy goodies click on the link in the sidebar to have a look.

I'll shut up!!!

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Michele xx

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