Tuesday, 30 September 2008

I have been struck by the lurgy!!! Yep, my nose has turned into Niagara Falls, My head is a pumpkin and the cough sounds like a bad car...lol!!! I know it's only a cold, but if the men can have "man flu" why can't we?...lol!! The boys have each got variations of the cold bug, Alix is dripping for England and Mikael has earache, tummy ache, cough....I think someone is trying to get out of swimming lessons...lol!! My theory is if you are well enough to run around shouting you are well enough for school!! It works for me! I was out of action for a couple of days last week, just couldn't concentrate on crafting and computers. I still have an annoying cough but I am clear headed again, i hate being ill, so frustrating!!!
I haven't done any scrapbooking for a while, I do have a number of LO in mind just haven't got to them yet. I have started a digital (hybrid) mini album/brag book of our holiday this year. There's still lots more to do, but I thought I would share some of the pages so far. The pages are free downloads from Digi mom designs and Kim B. Unfortunately I can't find their links, these brag books were downloaded through Digi-free which is a free digital freebie search blog.

The plan is to keep a digital version and to make a paper version too, we shall see, Christmas is around the corner and it gets busy in this house with Birthdays, carnivals, bonfire night, Halloween.....the list goes on...lol!!
Thanks for looking today I am off to visit some blogs!!!
Take care
Michele xx


  1. Fabulous LOs I love the orange and green papers

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a lovely comment. I know how you felt last week, my head is still full of soggy cotton wool and the nose has started to drip! I see from your holiday album you came to Cornwall in the summer, well what was supposed to be summer that is! hugs, annie x


Thank-you for taking the time to comment :) I love to read them. Have fun! Hugs Michele x


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