Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Autumn poems

With summer becoming a distant memory, (did we have a summer? lol)
I dug out some Autumn poems to share with you. Feel free to use these on your Autumn projects, (don't forget to credit the author).
Autumn Splendor
{Elise Natalie Brady}
There's a little twinge of sadness
When Summer disappears,
But Autumn brings new gladness
And joys this time of year.
Leaves Are Falling
Leaves are falling all around-
Red, yellow, orange and brown.
Twirling, swirling to the ground-
Look how many leaves I've found.
An Autumn Day
{Carmen Lagos Signes}
Pumpkins in the cornfields,
Gold among the brown,
Leaves of rust and scarlet
Trembling slowly down:
Birds that travel southward,
Lovely time to play:
Nothing is as pleasant
As an Autumn day!
Apples in Autumn
It's hard to eat apples,
Without my front teeth,
But apples in Autumn
Are really a treat.
The apples are squooshy
Down under my feet,
But those from the tree
Are still crunchy and sweet!
You can find more Autumnal poems HERE at the Crafts 4 Eternity blog.
Enjoy your day
Thanks for looking
Michele x


  1. Lovely poems TX for sharing xx

  2. Thank-you for sharing these lovely poems.

  3. TY I love autumn so much colour, but too much rain lol

  4. beautiful poems, loved the one about eating apples with no front xx

  5. Lol loved the last one! TX for sharing

  6. Lovely poem :)Thanks for the comments- Evan loves his school:)


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