Friday, 25 October 2013

Thermomorph product review

Hello everyone :)
I was recently asked to review a product called Thermomorph, the product looked interesting and it certainly was!
Although I was kindly sent the pot of Thermomorph to try the opinions I express are my own.

Thermomorph is a moldable plastic which is sold in a 500g pot, it's huge!
The pot contains tiny little ball of plastic which you add to hot water, when they turn clear you can fish them out of the water and mold them into any shape.

The plastic hardens quickly so you don't have much time to mold it, but you can melt it again several times which is really handy and means there is no waste.

The plastic is white, which can be painted with acrylic paints. I wanted to see if I could colour the plastic before melting it so I added alcohol ink to little ball before adding hot water.
This worked really well although my fingers were very inky!

The turquiose rose top right was coloured with alcohol ink. The other roses were coloured with Perfect pearl powders. I added the powder to the melted plastic and  squished it about until the colour mixed. Sometimes it needed to pop back in to the water but working with small amounts of plastic seemed to work best. The result was gogreous shimmery coloured roses.

Mostly I used silicone molds with the plastic which worked perfectly. They were easy to pop out and captured lots of detail.

Taking it a step further I made my own molds using the plastic. I molded the plastic into a smooth ball and pressed a decorative button in to it, left it a for a minute and removed the button.
This was quite dependent on the button used, mostly it worked really well.

One of the last things I tried was brushing Perfect Pearl powder in to the mold before pushing the plastic in.
again this had a lovely shimmery affect.

I played about with molds and colours for a while and used what I thought was a lot of plastic balls but I have lots left for more experimenting.

My boys had a go too! They had to be supervised because of the very hot water but they were able to make a few roses and quite enjoyed it, they said it was like playing with bubble gum!

All in all a great product, I think there is a lot more that can be done with Thermomorph than I got to do and I can see lots of uses for cards, layouts, mixed media and more.

If you would like to know more you can visit the Thermomorph website 
The pot is £19.95 and available from Amazon HERE
The Thermomorph Amazon page can be found HERE

Have a fabulous weekend
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Michele x

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