Saturday, 1 November 2008!!!!

HI, just to prove I don't always make cards, I thought I would share some of the things I made for Mikael's Pokemon party.
I kept the invites real simple. I printed out the round invites from my computer and drew the Pokemon ball on the front. The invite asked children to come to train as a Pokemon master and catch Pokemon. The Pokemon were stickers I bought on eBay and were a big hit. They were great for keeping control of the kids too!!!

The star of the party, other than the birthday boy of course, was Prinplup the pinata. A balloon, lots of newspaper and wallpaper paste and Prinplup became the un-breakable pinata. Boy did they try, I thought poor Prinplup was going to explode!!!lol But he was a big hit!! literally!!!

As part of the decorations I used up the left over newspaper and paste to make some Pokemon balls to hang from the ceiling. They were not perfect sphere's but I got the effect I was aiming for.

The first activity the kids did was to colour in or draw Pokemon characters for a big poster. this gave my helpers time to set up the next game, the Meowth Gold Coin Hunt! I managed to get a fab photo with all the kids sat under this poster.

And finally....
My BIL drew this, my sister started coloured it and I did the fine detail. By the time I got to the banner I had had about as much Pokemon as I could!!! Thanks guys you did a great job!!!
I made an album with my BIA a couple of weeks ago ready to scrap the photos, if you can't wait to see the fun, you can see the photos HERE
It was a lot of hard work but the kids had a great time and Mikael hasn't stopped telling me I am great!!! bless him, Next party....Thomas the tank engine for Alix in February!!!! best start!!!
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by
michele xx


  1. Oh what fabulous fun! And what a fab idea for a party! Kimx

  2. looks like a lot of hard work and fun! great ideas.xx

  3. fab ideas michele, loved the pinata! xx

  4. sounds like lots of fun, loved the pinata really clever.x


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