Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Thank-you for the get well wishes thankfully the cough is going!!
As promised a couple of weeks ago I am back with the cupcakes!
The cupcake boxes were for my  sister and BIL who had their birthdays last weekend!
My sister is a pink girl, she loves it, wears it and would probably drive it if she could lol! So  it had to be a pink cupcake for her. Strawberry flavour too!

For my BIL it was a strawberry flavour pink cupcake, iced with blue strawberry butter cream! The kids wanted me to ice it in pink too! lol!

The cupcake looks a bit green in the photo but it was blue!
I'll be back tomorrow with a sneak peek of the C4E crop layout and class project!
Thanks for stopping by!
Michele xxx

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  1. These are so gorgeous and yummy, those cupcakes look enormous! Glad you are feeling better Michele.


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